Johannes Hobma

Johannes is schipper maar is net zo lief aan het splitsen, knopen en marrelen, zodat alles weer netjes op zijn plek zit. Ook Johannes is onmisbaar bij het onderhoud van de aak. Hij is zeer kundig en regelt alles wat je maar kunt bedenken.

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  • 11 mei 2019 om 07:56

    Dear Johannes Hobma,
    On 31 May 2018, I joined KYII with my wife Velma, my friends Peter Willey, Chrys Rampley , Jaap Boersema & his friend Ans for the evening trip. We enjoyed your commentary that you kindly made in English. I have followed the project to build a replica eel barge since the beginning when I met a local politician in S.W. Friesland. I have made a power-point presentation that I have shown to two groups in England. I also wrote an article about our boating holiday last May which was published in the Newsletter of the Norfolk Railway Society and I emailed it to your Foundation.

    I hope your plans for sailing to London are going well? I am sure the Port of London Authority will be helpful. In my opinion, the Maritime & Coastguard Agency can be ‘difficult’ and I hope you are not having problems with the MCA. If I or my friend Peter can be of any assistance, please just let us know. I took some pictures of the ‘Dutch Mooring’ last week, Peter has taken his boat on the tidal Thames several times.

    We will be in Friesland again soon for another boating holiday starting from Sneek. The dates are Sunday 19 May to Monday 27 May. I hope to see you in London in June. Maybe even at Queenborough if the date is possible for me.

    Kind regards and very best wishes,
    Brian Kirton

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